Projects and Investments

With its expanding brand portfolio, it was imperative for SGI to have an advertising agency at its disposal. Launched mainly to serve the SGI brands portfolio, GAP is an Egyptian advertising agency specializing in graphic design, printing and below the line advertising. Building on its success with the group’s brands, GAP has expanded its client base and is now serving a large roster of satisfied customers offering a wide range of marketing services from branding and identity to print and interactive advertising campaigns focusing on customer’s sales and communication goals.
The latest acquisition of the group, Top Art Press is an established print house that has been actively serving the Egyptian market for the last 20 years. To be able to handle the group’s heavy workload in addition to its existing wide client base, Top Art expanded its operations and introduced state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.
Innovative and business oriented, SGI entered the security field with JetSet Trading Company. The company studies and handles onsite installation of surveillance, protection and security systems. During the launch of Mirage City, JetSet supplied security systems to over 90% of the villas’ owners in addition to the JW Marriott Hotel.
In 2002, the group obtained the franchising of Fauchon, the French luxurious pastry brand and launched it in the Egyptian market. Fauchon Egypt is situated in two strategic locations in Cairo serving high-end clientele.
  STI Real Estate is a US-based company pioneering change in the travel and tourism sector. We are actively expanding the travel market by investing in commercial real estate and establishing a strong management group to care for the day to day services needed to kee pour buildings up to code. No project is considered too small or too large for our STI vision. We can take projects forward from the initial idea to fruition drawing from our marketing, and financial expertise.

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